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Fenghe new production line-- Sodium Borate Granular line put into production.

On request of our esteemed clients,in this July ,Fenghe Built a completely new production line  to manufacture Sodium Borate Granula,(Chinese name:Borate Fertilizer).

It is released slowly, and can keep the fertilizer efficiency persistent in soil. It can make various crops’ seeds stronger, increase the quantity of blooms, buds and spikes, and make the fruits and grains fuller. At the same time, it can prevent diseases and insect pests, which enhance various crops production by 15-45%.This manure belongs to new type high effective fertilizer. now we have exported it to USA directly.

1 High content: pure boron content ≥15%
2 Persistence: slow-release and keep the fertilizer efficiency persistent for a long time in soil.
3 Easily absorption: absorbed and utilized quickly by the plant, obvious to enrich the crops
4 Good safeties: dissolve slowly in the soil and not easily to make the plant poisoned by boron.
5 Excellent compatibility: can mix with many kinds of chemical fertilizers and can be used as the blend material for BB fertilizer and compound fertilizer.
6 High efficiency: when boron deficiency in the soil, to spread Silverbor can enhance production and improve the crop quality at lower cost.
The applicable scope of crops:
cole, cotton, peanut, gingeli, tobacco, soybean, corn, tea, helianthus, fruit tree, watermelon, vegetables, flowers, rice, wheat and so on.

We can process 1-2mm,2-4mm ,1.5-2.5mm,and 4-6mm diameter granula.

Specifications as below:














carbonate (co2)




insoluble matter in water 




sulfate (so42-)




sodium chloride (cl)



iron (fe)




Net weight 20/25kgs plastic woven bag or 1250 kgs to 1350kgs per each package.